What We Do


The Center undertakes in-house policy research on current and pressing issues affecting the nation as well as research commissioned by government partners, international agencies, and funding institutions. It also conducts organization and management studies on the operation and interplay of structures, processes, personnel, and resources in the achievement of organizational objectives, and evaluation of programs and projects in terms of expected outputs, effects and impact.


CPED conducts training for public sector managers to enhance their capabilities, reorient their values, and develop their skills and techniques for the effective management of public sector projects. CPED specializes in the development of materials for the training of trainers on the effective design, implementation and evaluation of training programs; on the management of decentralized health systems; and public policy analysis and development. It also undertakes capacity-building programs for policymakers, foreign officials, the military, and other interest groups. Moreover, the Center offers training programs customized to suit the needs of the government and other clients.

Technical Assistance and Consultancy Services

The Center provides technical assistance in public finance, policy and program development, job performance evaluation, management audit, human resource development and management, human rights, corruption and integrity, and design, conduct, and evaluation of training programs.

Areas of Expertise

Public Policy Development and Analysis, Project Development and Management, Organizational Development, Fiscal Administration, Capacity Building, Research Methodologies, Corporate Governance, Anti-Corruption, Public Sector Reforms

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