Center for Local and Regional Governance

logo-clrgEstablished by the University of the Philippines (UP) and Congress as the Local Government Center in 1965, the Center for Local and Regional Governance (CLRG) is the College’s research, training and consulting center for local governments. The Center subscribes to NCPAG’s paradigm of the healthy mix of theory and practice (praxis).

Backed by nearly 50 years of a solid track record in assisting and empowering local governments from learning to policy solutions, CLRG has pioneered initiatives and continues to evolve with the trends in the local government sector. Pursuing NCPAG’s role as the nation’s social critic, CLRG helps inform and define the public discourse on decentralization and local governance issues.

With resident experts from multidisciplinary backgrounds, CLRG has expanded its reach to federalism and regional autonomy studies and CSO/private sector-local government interface. Collaborating with respected affiliate faculty and industry experts, the Center continues to expand its pool of resource persons to better serve stakeholders.

Today, at least 3,000 local government officials graduate from CLRG programs each electoral term while national government agencies, international donor organizations, CSOs, corporations, and individual local governments continue to engage the services of the Center.

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