Diploma Programs

Diploma in Public Management

The Diploma in Public Management (DipPM) program is geared for professional and technical personnel of government agencies, voluntary sector organizations, and other institutions interested in acquiring more skills and learning new techniques in public management as well as in their fields of specialization. The Dip PM requires the completion of two general courses in public administration and five courses in the chosen field of specialization. The fields are public policy and program administration, organization studies, fiscal administration, local government and regional development, voluntary sector management, public enterprise management, and spatial information management.

Diploma in Voluntary Sector Management

The Diploma in Voluntary Sector Management (DipVSM) aims to meet the needs of the following types of individuals: 1) officials and staff of voluntary sector organization; b) faculty of other schools of public administration in the country; and c) persons not yet involved with the voluntary sector but interested in making a career change.

The Dip PM and Dip VSM are awarded upon completion of 21 units of prescribed courses and upon obtaining a weighted average of 1.75 in all courses taken.