Working Papers

This Working Paper Series provides a venue for issues to be aired and discussed and for policy options to be identified and evaluated. Through this working Paper Series, students and practitioners, the academic community, our partners, civil society organizations are enjoined to take part in the debate on good governance and public administration issues. The Working Paper Series put into print the results of research studies, proceedings of conferences and forums, speeches, and policy papers for effective dissemination.

Below are working papers from the Diliman Governance Forum, held from  2005-2011, which tackled issues such as corruption, public administration, democratic governance, decentralization, regulation, trade and human rights, social justice, citizen participation, and environmental governance.

You may click on the covers to access the details of each set of working papers. These are for sale at the Publications Office (926-1443).

Combating Corruption in the Philippines: Are We Plundering Our Chances or Doing it Better? Series No. 2

Public Administration and Democratic Governance: Breakout, Breakdown and Breakthrough, Series No. 5

The Challenges and Prospects of Sustainable Mining in the Philippines, Series No. 8

Civic Action Against Corruption: Citizen Participation in Anti-Corruption Efforts, Series No. 3

Does Regulation Matter? An Assessment of its Effects, Impacts and Challenges in Serving Public Interest, Series No. 6

Shepherding Reforms in Access to Justice and Participation on the Disadvantaged Sectors, Series No. 9 

The American and Philippine Administrative Traditions: Profiling Contexts, Parallelisms, and Contrasts, Series No. 11

Fifteen Years of Decentralization in the Philippines: Lessons Learned and the Way Forward, Series No. 4

Trade and Human Terms: Makatao Pa Ba? Series No. 7

Fostering Democratic Governance: Sustaining the Gains and Learning from Pains, Series No. 10