The Aquino Presidency and Administration (1986-1992): Contemporary Assessments and “The Judgment of History?” Vol. 2: 1st U.P. Public Lectures

Authors/Editors: Jose V. Abueva, Emerlinda R. Roman (eds)

Publisher: CLCD, U.P. Press

Year: 1993

Edition: -

Pages: 509

Binding: Hardbound/Softbound

This is a follow-up piece to the record of self-assessments by the Aquino administration from 1986-1992. A documentation of the 1st U.P. Public Lectures, it documents the alternative views held by academics, the press, and forum participants regarding the performance and legacy of the Aquino administration. It also compiles, for supplementary reading, a number of published writings on the same subject by journalists and scholars.

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