Presidential Plunder: The Quest for the Marcos Ill-Gotten Wealth

Authors/Editors: Jovito R. Salonga

Publisher: CLCD, Regina Publishing

Year: 2000

Edition: -

Pages: 435

Binding: Hardbound/Softbound

This book is former Senator Jovito Salonga's account of the government's efforts to retrieve Marcos's ill-gotten wealth from 1986-2000. Behind this experience, the book highlights the challenges and accomplishments of the Aquino administration in rebuilding the economy and democracy in the country after the EDSA People Power Revolution.

Price: PhP 700.00 (Hardbound); PhP 500.00 (Softbound)


Availability: Out of Print

This book is out of print. You may borrow a copy from the UP NCPAG Library (928-5408).

Presidential Plunder