Admiral Tomas Cloma: Father of Maritime Education and Discoverer of Freedomland/Kalayaan Island

Authors/Editors: Jose V. Abueva, Arnold P. Alamon, Ma. Oliva Z. Domingo

Publisher: CLCD

Year: 1999

Edition: -

Pages: 224

Binding: Hardbound/Softbound

This biography tells of the journey of Admiral Tomas Cloma, who pioneered maritime education in the Philippines, and who discovered the Kalayaan Islands. The book follows Admiral Cloma's childhood and upbringing in Panglao, Bohol, his journey to Manila, his struggles as a political prisoner during the Martial Law, and his accomplishments later in life.

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This book is out of print. You may borrow a copy from the UP NCPAG Library (928-5408).