2006-2010 Books

The Political Economy of Regulation in the Philippines Power Industry: The Case of The Electric Power Industry Reform Act

Reinventing U.P. as the National University: Learning the Truth, Leadership and Social Transformation

What They Contribute: Case Studies on the Impact of Nonprofit Organizations

World War II and the Japanese Occupation (Ang Ikalawang Digmaang Pandaigdig at ang Pananakop ng mga Hapon)

Slum Upgrading and Urban Renewal of the National Government Center

Sourcebook 4: Selected Case Studies on Strengthening Local Government Resource Management

Profiles of Political Leaders at the Local Government Level (Research Paper)

The Ramos Presidency and Administration: Contemporary Views and Assessments (1992-1998)

Corruption and Implementation: Case Studies in Philippine Public Administration

Sourcebook 1: Perspective and Approaches in Local Government Resource Management

President ERAP: Sociopolitical and Cultural Biography of Joseph Ejercito Estrada (Volume I: Facing the Challenge of EDSA II)

Regulation, Privatization and Public Sector Reform