2001-2005 Books

Pangulong ERAP: Biograpiyang Sosyopolitikal at Pangkalinangan ni Joseph Ejercito Estrada (Tomo 1: Pininong Bayan Tungo sa Hamon ng EDSA II)

The Macapagal-Arroyo Presidency and Administration: Record and Legacy (2001-2004)

Participatory Governance in Poverty Alleviation

Between the State and the Market: The Nonprofit Sector and Civil Society in the Philippines

Fifty years of public administration education in the Philippines : the UP NCPAG at the forefront

Mobilizing for Active Citizenship: Lessons from Indonesia, Nepal and the Philippines

Beyond the Household: Giving and Volunteering in Six Areas in the Philippines

Community Participation in World Vision Kusog Baga Program: Survey Results

Management of Policy Formulation: The Generics Act of 1998

The Filipino Press and Media: Democracy and Development

Philippine Democracy Assessment: Free and Fair Elections and the Democratic Role of Political Parties

Social Justice and Human Rights in the Philippines

Innovations and Excellence: Understanding Local Government in the Philippines

Local Government in the Philippines: A Book of Readings (Volume III: Concepts and Practices in Decentralization)

The Changing Role of the Local Governments Under a Decentralized State: Some Cases in Philippine Local Governance