No to Selective Rule of Law! Nullify the Revocation of Amnesty of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV

We, concerned faculty members, staff, students and alumni of the National College of Public Administration and Governance and the University of the Philippines strongly condemn and oppose the selective application of the rule of law and the singling out of the opposition to the Duterte Administration. The recent revocation of the amnesty granted to Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV and the order for his arrest are illustrative of the blatant attempt by the Duterte administration to stifle dissent and suppress opposition.

This is just the latest in an increasingly long list of repulsive acts which not only targeted the opposition but also weakened and disregarded the independence of institutions and the sanctity of the checks and balances among the three branches of government. The latter includes the arrest and incarceration of Senator Leila de Lima on the basis of seemingly trumped-up charges (Legislature), the unseating of Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno based on constitutionally-infirmed grounds (Judiciary), the continuing insults on Vice-President Leni Robredo and other sinister efforts to undermine her position as the legitimate constitutional successor. These acts are dictatorship in progress.

The revocation and arrest order are also seeming diversionary moves to cover up for, or divert attention away from, the many issues and ‘failures’ of the Duterte administration, among which are:

  • Its inability to stop the alarming rise in the prices of prime commodities and the cost of living
  • The brutal killing of thousands of Filipinos, most of them poor, on mere suspicion and on the say-so that they are drug users and “nanlaban”
  • The abuse in the appointment to high government posts of even incompetents and misfits who merely contributed to the presidential campaign
  • Zero corruption as a show of publicly shaming political appointees and then recycling them to less visible but no less lucrative positions in government
  • The erosion of public values through Duterte’s verbal abuse of his many enemies, real or imaginary, as well as his continuing assaults on religion, women, and institutions
  • The personal and unilateral foreign policy shift to China, resulting in unwittingly surrendering our territorial claims in the West Philippine Sea
We therefore enjoin all principled and patriotic Filipinos to oppose this latest act of the Duterte administration and to be continually vigilant against the latter’s intensifying assault on human rights, rule of law and democracy.
We urge the protection of public institutions and public servants from partisan politics and undue interference so that they can assert their independence, be accountable public servants and not the trolls of the powers-that-be.

Let us help in restoring the majesty of law and the nullification of the revocation of amnesty of Sen. Trillanes IV. We urge all Filipinos to rally behind our crusade for good governance.

We also commend the Senate of the Philippines for maintaining its independence and protecting the dignity of democratic institutions in the country.


Members of the Faculty

Michael L. Tan, PhD (Chancellor, UP Diliman)
Maria Fe Villamejor-Mendoza, DPA (Dean, NCPAG)
Alex B. Brillantes Jr. PhD (Former Dean, NCPAG)
Romeo B. Ocampo (Former Dean, NCPAG)
Jose Tabbada (NCPAG)
Remigio D. Ocenar (NCPAG)
Jocelyn C. Cuaresma, DPA (NCPAG)
Minerva S. Baylon, PhD (NCPAG)
Simeon A. Ilago (NCPAG)
Zita Concepcion P. Calugay (NCPAG)
Alicia B. Celestino (NCPAG)
Herisadel P. Flores (NCPAG)
Ebinezer R. Florano, PhD (NCPAG)
Perla E. Legaspi, DPA (NCPAG)
Sylvia Estrada Claudio, MD, PhD (Dean, College of Social Work and Community Development )
Rizalinda L. de Leon, PhD (Dean, College of Engineering)
Kathleen Lourdes B. Obile (Dean, College of Library and Information Science)
Miguela M. Mena, PhD (Former Dean, Asian Institute of Tourism)
Elizabeth L. Enriquez, PhD (College of Mass Communication)
Raz de la Torre (College of Mass Communication)
Ma. Amor Aljibe (College of Mass Communication)
Marie Therese A.P. Bustos, PhD (Dean, College of Education)
Jose Maria P. Balmaceda, PhD (Former Dean, College of Science)
Yolanda G. Ealdama (College of Social Work and Community Development )
LaVerne dela Pena, PhD (Dean, College of Music)
Grace G. Jamon, PhD (Director, UP Diliman Extension Program in Pampanga)
Maria Mercedes Arzadon (College of Education)
Marian Christine V. Patriarca, PhD (College of Education)
Lizamarie Olegario, PhD (College of Education)
Sharehann T. Lucman (College of Education)
Jose Pedrajita, PhD (College of Education)
Frances Olivia Magtoto, PhD (College of Education)
Lourdes Baetiong, PhD (College of Education)
Joel Javiniar, PhD (College of Education)
Ma. Ivy A. Claudio (College of Mass Communication)
Jane O. Vinculado (College of Mass Communication)
Giovanni Tapang, PhD (College of Science)
Research Extension and Professional Staff

Jocelyn P. Basa
Nelin E. Dulpina
Eula D. Mangaoang
Jayson D. Fajarda
Bea Angelica B. Mauro
Vincent Q. Silarde


Abelardo Pacheco
Maria Tiara Fatima F. Galang
Henry R. Seva
Fidel Y. Castro
Michael Vincent Dizon
Mary Anne De Leon
Aedrianne Nicole De Leon
Angelo Rafael Nacionales
Marle Dominique Lavalle
Thea Clarice Espidol
Peter Murry
Josh Demdam
Liezl F. Cuneta
Victor Joseph G. Balara
Kit C. Evangelista
Yeshua Yashar S. Ranjo
Nina Lucia L. Buenaventura
Dan Joseph A. Caldo
Gillian Kate Hidalgo
Judith Leanne
Pauline D. Kit
Enrico Raphael P. Viovicente
Mikaela Jelena A. Lirio
Sayler Alaine Delos Santos
Aldrin P. Nera
Lesther D. Balmatero
Monique F. Rens
Luigi Miguel E. Andrada
Tessa Reyn Talata
Aster Mostrales
Timothy Kho
Kate Anjela C. Relampagos
Thaddeus Calaria
Jen Odessa L. Constantino Ray Roces
Alder Delloro
Jodi Salas

Onesimo L. Cuyco
Raymund Narag
Dennis Marasigan
Kidjie Saguin
Nicole Parreño
Arianne Rose Agustin
Sol De Villa Rama

(Disclosure: Sen. Trillanes is an alumnus of UP-NCPAG)