Statement on use of promotional material with NCPAG logo

Someone has called our attention to this blog article, which contains an opinion and several points of assessment regarding the performance of the Aquino administration. The article is accompanied with a photo bearing the logos of media and academic institutions, including the NCPAG’s. Please be advised that the photo was used without our consent. Furthermore, it was ALTERED. The original is a promotional material used for a forum co-organized by NCPAG on August 3, 2015. The phrase “MUST READ:  28 Failures of DAANG MATUWID of Aquino Government goes viral on Social Media” is NOT in the original photo. It appears to us that this is an underhanded attempt to create the impression that NCPAG is party to or share the ideas presented in the blog article. This is not the case and we denounce the manner by which the name of the College has been dragged into such dreadful practice.