PJPA 2016_cover


PJPA Vol. 60 Nos. 1 & 2
(January-December 2016)


The Dual Role of the Supreme Court as an Administrative System and Guardian of the Constitution: Some Reflections on Public Administrative Thought and the Dichotomy of Bureaucracy and Democracy
(Delloro, Alder)


Synergies in Philippine Language-in-Education Policy in RA 10533: The Case of MTBMLE Implementation in Tacurong Pilot Elementary School (Igcalinos, Antonio)


The Emergence of LGBT Human Rights and the Use of Discourse Analysis in Understanding LGBT State Inclusion (De Vela, Ma. Theresa)


Developing the Philippine Sovereign Wealth Fund (Geronimo, Russell Stanley)


Once More with Passion: Filipino Women and Politics (Tapales, Proserpina)